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When it comes to superior quality of Petroleum Jelly, then there are very few alternative available to Petroleum Jelly provided by us. We are a well established name for supplying and exporting superb quality Petroleum Jelly. Our company also leads the market among biggest Petroleum Jelly Exporter and Petroleum Jelly Supplier We invite you to gain from the opportunity of getting reasonable prices from us.

When the search is aimed for excellent quality exporters and suppliers Petroleum Jelly than there are very few alternative available to the petroleum jelly supplied by us. The terms like unparalleled and exclusive appear out to be most appropriate if one starts looking for the words to describe the quality of Petroleum Jelly exported by us.

This product is highly purified to meet the standards of the latest issues of USP & BP. This product is used in pharmaceutical ointments,hair wax,skin lotions and in cosmetics. It has also a wide range of insdustrail purposes such as softening agent for printing inks, as a plasticiser for rubber,as a component of carbon paper, in leather finishes etc.

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